Award winning Short-film directed by Thales Corrêa

A pubescent girl struggles with coming into adulthood disregarded by friends, relatives and most of all, her parents. How can she learn to cope with the challenges of life in a world devoid of guidance?

The film was screened at Festival de Cannes 2013.
Received the award of Best Pictures and Best Cinematography from SMC Film Festival.
It also was Official Selection of the following film festivals:

  • Hamilton Film Festival 2013
  • Black Hills Film Festival 2013
  • International Film Festival of Cinematic Arts 2013

Santa Monica College for LIFE

PSA (Public Service Announcement) created by a group of students from Santa Monica College to raise awareness in suicide prevention.

The event also served as  a publicity stunt to promoted Thales Corrêa ’s short-film, Parents.

What Would You Say?

Suicide Awareness Campaign. The film features students from Santa Monica College encouraging the community to be open about the subject.

The video was also an extension promotion for Thales Corrêa ’s short-film, Parents, which deals with the subject.

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