About JuicePepper / media & motion

JuicePepepper is a full-service media company specialized in graphic, web and motion designing. Founded by  Thales Corrêa and Eric Ustian.

We mostly build professional, custom, responsive websites improving your overall impression among  customers and prospects by delivering strong marketing messages visually.

But we also design basically anything you see on a screen – small or big. Such as phone websites, logos, animations, 3d graphics, titles, videos, opener for tv and films.

Creative Visual Technology.

We love to develop films, video, websites and graphics.

With years of combined knowledge and practical experience in the media, marketing and entertainment industries, We started this company with a vision for a new kind of agency. Presence is a natural response to a new way of working in a changing landscape. We work diligently for my clients and take a hands-on approach to each of their initiatives.

We get inspired by the constantly evolving media landscape that feels like the Wild Wild West and it is part of our outlaw culture that makes my projects successful for our clients.

No rules; only endless possibilities!
  • Always keeping clients interests first
  • Share clients ambitions.
  • Work to understand the clients initiatives and help deliver measurable results
  • Look at each scenario through a different lens than most
  • Stay always curious about the constantly evolving media landscape
  • Have a global perspective that helps find new approaches for our clients
  • Roll up the sleeves and take a hands-on approach to solve problems

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